Life coach Bossy Delilah brings out the femdom slave within her client

Revenge is a Bitch 4

During her meeting with a new client, life coach Bossy Delilah could tell there was something not quite right about Tony Rodriguez. He explained that women constantly took advantage of him, but whenever Delilah turned, Tony would check out her ass and mumble in Spanish. Unbeknownst to him, Delilah understood what he was saying and realized that Tony’s problem stemmed for the fact that he was an asshole, and Delilah would use this flaw and use it to redirect Tony’s life.

Delilah made Tony get naked, spanked his bare ass and ordered him to lick the filth off her shoes. She teased him with her feet, sticking his toes into Tony’s mouth until he gagged. The life coach continued Tony’s training by putting him in bondage and teasing him with the object of his desire: her perfect ass. Delilah rubbed herself on the bound Tony and sat on his face until he could barely breathe.

Tony’s journey to realize his full femdom bitch potential reached an essential point when Delilah put on her strapon cock. Fear filled his eyes when Delilah shoved the big dildo down his throat and ordered him to get on all fours, but by now Tony knew better than to disobey her. Delilah laughed and mocked Tony while pegging him balls-deep with her plastic dick and after shooting her load into his mouth she kicked him out until their next appointment. - Femdom TGP
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