Maids punish co-worker for spying on them with strapon punishment


Unwanted male attention is an issue for women in the workforce, and maids are often subjected to it. There is something about a maid outfit that can bring out the baser instincts on some men, but when it happens with co-workers it’s even more problematic. Two maids were tired of being the subject of constant spying and leering by one of their colleagues, and took steps to correct the matter themselves using strapons to pound the lesson in.

Their plan gets started by letting the voyeur think his threesome fantasy has come true as the women kneel and suck his cock. But once his guard is down, out come the strapons and it’s too late for their victim to try and run. The women even smoke cigarettes, dropping their ashes on their harasser, while pegging his ass with their plastic cocks. - Femdom TGP
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