Harmony Rose tests Scott Lee’s devotion with ruthless bondage and pegging

Mistress Harmony Rose tests Scott Lee's devotion with merciless bondage, teasing and pegging

Although Scott Lee is a self-professed femdom slut, his abilities will be taken to the limit by Mistress Harmony Rose. Naked and bound, Scott must crawl on his knees to Mistress Rose, making her laugh at how pathetic he looks. He wears a dildo-gag which flops comically from his face, but this is only the beginning. Harmony covers Scott’s face, dick and balls with wooden clothespins and his rope bindings grow tight with the effort he puts to keep his self-control.

Mistress Rose orders Scott to use the dildo-gag to pleasure her, since his puny cock would never be able to do it. The femdom slave obeys, and must endure seeing and smelling his mistress’ pussy up-close but being denied anything more. After achieving satisfaction, Harmony has fun paddling Scott’s ass until it’s a nice shade of red.

Harmony Rose puts on a strapon and pegs Scott doggy-style with it, her hips pumping her black cock at a furious pace over his sensitized ass-cheeks. Scott moans against the couch cushions while Harmony chuckles at him and leaves once she’s had her fun.

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