Kendra James test Devaun and Kade’s obedience through bondage and pegging

Mistress Kendra James, wearing a tight-fitting latex outfit, has two submissives to have fun with. Devaun and Kade offer themselves to Kendra, and she will test their obedience with devious games. Kade waits naked, blindfolded and gagged, with his arms tied up above his head, and Devaun sits on the floor with a red ball-gag. After liberating Devaun’s mouth, Kendra orders the busty slave to use it on Kade, while Mistress James paddles and covers Kade’s nipples and chest with clothespins.

Kade struggles to keep his composure under Devaun’s blowjob skills and Kendra’s sweet torture. The blindfold heightens Kade’s sensations, and Kendra orders Devaun to paddle him while Kendra uses her riding crop on Devaun. Kendra covers Kade’s balls with clothespins, and orders Devaun to work her oral skills on him again. Kade’s agonized moans are music to Mistress James’ ears, and once satisfied she tells Devaun to crawl back to her place to wait for the next game Kendra has in store for them.

Kendra puts on a dildo gag on Devaun, and as reward for his obedience, Mistress James lets Kade fuck Devaun. The busy girl rides Kade and uses the dildo gag to pleasure Kendra. Their movements become more frenzied as pleasure overcomes them, and moves them to the final stage of Kendra’s plan. She puts on a red dildo and uses it to peg Kade. Bound with rope, his movements are restricted, and to make things more interesting, Devaun lies on top of him so Kade can lick Devaun’s pussy while Kendra kept pegging him.

The three of them form a strange engine of lust, with Kendra driving the action with her hip thrusts as she plunges her red cock deep into Kade, Devaun bobbing her head up and down as she swallowed Kade’s cock, and he in turn matching Devaun’s passion with his pussy-licking. Kendra pulls out of Kade and makes him lick her strapon clean, and Devaun jerks him off into her mouth. Once she has collected all of his cum, Devaun snowballs it back to Kade under Kendra’s delighted smile. - Femdom TGP
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