Lea Lexis’ strapon skills shatter Rick Fantana’s mind

Mistress Lea Lexis brought Rick Fantana to her medical dungeon to conduct femdom experiments. She wants to find out how much teasing and punishment Rick can endure before his mind snaps. Lea has prepared a series of tests to conduct on Rick as he waits helplessly bound to a medical examination bed.

Rick struggles to keep his composure while Mistress Lexis runs a pinwheel along his chest, then turns up the intensity by using it on his cock. Lea’s smile grows wider when she flogs the naked Rick and crushes his worthless dick and balls between her hands. The submissive’s mental walls are starting to crumble and Lea sees it won’t be long before Rick cracks.

To finish breaking down Rick, Lea uses a dildo to test his reaction to pegging. She strokes his cock while the dildo stretches out his ass, and once Rick’s anal cavity is warmed up Lea moves onto the final stage. She puts on a big strapon dildo and pegs Rick, and the walls that guarded his mind come crashing down. When she pile-drives him, Rick’s eyes go wide as his world shatters into a million pieces and he’s now powerless and unable to resist whatever Lea commands.

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