German domme pegs blindfolded submissive on an examination table

Male Dominated And Penetrated

A medical examination table fitted with stirrups provides many possibilities for femdom fun. A German mistress orders her submissive lo lay on it and, after blindfolding him, she uses a dildo on his ass until his body shakes uncontrollably.

The domme’s smile grows wider watching her femdom slave lose his composure, and takes her domination to another level by giving him the dildo to suck clean. He obeys his mistress dutifully and licks his own ass off the toy. Once she’s satisfied with her submissive’s work, the domme returns the dildo to his ass and holds it in place with her foot while binding her submissive’s right leg to the stirrup. She then tickles his foot while continuing to peg him with the dildo, and when he tries to move his foot away from her tickling fingers she laughs.

Her handiwork has made the German domme hungry for fun, and she gets it by using a purple dildo on herself. The bound submissive can her his mistress moaning, and soon she will use the same dildo that has been in her pussy to pleasure his ass. - Femdom TGP
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