BBW Goddess Mimosa takes Will Havoc out of his cage to be her pretty pegging boytoy

Mistress Mimosa smiled while watching Will Havoc look up at her from within his cage, thinking of the things she would do with his pretty body. Will threaded lightly, feeling the power behind Mistress Mimosa’s laugh and not daring to do anything that would incur her wrath. Mimosa explained to Will the terms for his freedom: if he agreed to follow Mimosa’s orders he would be let out of the cage.

Will accepts Mimosa’s terms, and as a way to prove his devotion he worships his Mistress’ boots. She orders Will to do a sexy dance for her while taking off his jeans, and her eyes shine when she sees Will is wearing pink lace panties. After telling Will to crawl on all fours for her amusement, Mimosa spanks the pretty boy’s perky ass and he thanks her by worshipping Mimosa’s pussy with his tongue.

The BBW Goddess puts on a strapon and tests Will’s obedience when she orders him to give up his ass to her. The pretty boy complies willingly, and Mimosa pulls his pink panties aside to peg Will’s tight butt-hole with her plastic cock. Will is happy to be of service to his mistress, fucking Mimosa doggy-style before he rides once again her strapon, and she gives him a reach-around to reward his obedience. - Femdom TGP
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