Veruca James trains Reed Jameson to be her pet using a tail butt-plug and strapon

Veruca James is the boss bitch in this dungeon

Mistress Veruca James was looking for a new pet and Reed Jameson hopes he can pass her testing. She will not make it easy for Reed since Veruca’s expectations of her femdom slaves are very high. After ordering Reed to lay across her knees and spanking his bare-ass to her satisfaction, Mistress James sticks a tail butt-plug in Reed to begin his evaluation.

With the rubber butt-plug in place, Veruca orders the naked Reed to walk on all fours like an excited puppy, wagging his tail and rubbing his belly as his reward. Mistress James tests her human puppy’s obedience by ordering him to lick a fleshlight pussy. When Reed asks if he’ll be able to lick his mistress’ pussy the answer is no. Instead, Veruca orders Jameson to lick her sweaty asshole clean with the butt-plug still in place.

As a reward for Reed’s performance, Mistress James puts on her black strapon and pegs him doggy-style. Reed appreciates his mistress’ magnanimosity and strokes his cock while Veruca drives her own into his ass. When Reed shoots his load he makes a mess, and Mistress James makes her human puppy lick it clean. - Femdom TGP
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