Mistress Adria Rae lets Tony Orlando out of his cage and uses him to satisfy her pegging desires

Wearing black stockings, a lace leotard and pink strapon, Mistress Adria Rae is ready to have fun with femdom slave Tony Orlando. He waits in his metal cage, naked and with his cock locked in a chastity cage, until Adria arrives and gives him her strapon to suck. Tony takes it through the steel bars into his mouth and his eyes light up when he sees Adria’s face fill with a smile as he swallows her plastic cock.

Mistress Rae opens the cage and leads Tony out, using his leashed collar to lead him where she wants him to go. After positioning herself behind him, Adria orders Tony to bend over and he obeys, with Adria guiding her pink strapon into the femdom slave’s ass. Tony could not stop himself from moaning from the pleasure his Mistress provided, and this made Adria’s eyes glow brighter.

Leading him by his leash, Mistress Rae makes Tony lay on his side so she can watch his locked cock better when pegging him. The femdom slave is grateful to be of service and watches his mistress satisfy her desires using his ass. As reward for Tony’s obedience, Mistress Rae caresses his locked cock when pegging Tony on his back, a rare treat that Tony will cherish once Adria leads him back to his cage to wait until she desires to use him again.

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