Ana Foxxx turns male model into her obedient pegging slut

Being a high-fashion icon such as Ana Foxxx had its privileges but it also came with difficulties, such as being paired with inexperienced models. Ana could see that Will Havoc was having difficulty keeping his head in the game. She thought he looked cute in the cross-dressing outfit he was wearing for the shoot, but his constant fidgeting and nervous sweating was prolonging the work. When the photographer took a break Ana decided to have some fun with the newbie, and noticing the bulge in Will’s pants she rubbed against it and was happy to discover he was rock-hard.

Ana asked Will to show him his catwalk, and after he obeyed she pushed the game further by asking him to crawl to her. When he did, Ana teased him by putting her pussy inches from his face. Will begged Ana to let him taste her, and agreed to do anything she asked in return. What Ana wanted was simple: to peg Will with her black strapon cock. Before claiming her prize, Ana flogged Will until his ass was a nice shade of red, and made him suck her cock. Once it was nicely wet, she ravaged Will with it, pumping the black toy while Will’s cock was roped tightly. - Femdom TGP
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