Casey Cumz dominates her overly-touchy coach

Gymnastics star Casey Cumz was recovering from an injury, which meant spending more time with coach Gabriel d’Alessandro. This posed a problem for Casey because of her coach’s “hands-on” approach. Gabriel used any and every opportunity he had to grab Casey’s ass and rub her breasts, and this irritated Casey to no end. For example, after a jogging session he would give her a friendly slap on the butt, but he would keep doing it and spending more time caressing her ass until it went over the line. Tired of her coach’s attentions, Casey came up with a plan to give Gabriel a taste of his own medicine.

During one of their one-on-one sessions, Gabriel started once again pulling his tricks: drenching Casey’s ass and breasts with water under the excuse of “cooling her down” and rubbing his hard cock on her. Casey pretended to finally take his bait and invited him inside so they could get more comfortable. Gabriel did not have to be asked twice and when Casey pulled his dick out of his sweatpants it was rock-hard. She sucked his cock and sat on his face, becoming increasingly dominant and Gabriel accepting it.

Casey moved her attentions from her coach’s cock to his ass, licking it and fingering it until his moans confirmed her plan was working. She pulled out her pink dildo and slipped it into Gabriel’s ass and by then any resistance he might offer was gone. Casey pegged Gabriel with the dildo deep and hard and after that moment her coach was wrapped around her finger. The power she had over him turned Casey on and she ordered Gabriel to fuck her and to do a good job.

When Casey had had her fun she moved onto the final twist of her revenge. She grabbed once again her bright pink dildo and fucked Gabriel with it, sucking and stroking his cock at the same time. The combination of these conflicting sensations finally drove him over the edge and the coach shot his load, with Casey collecting his cum into her mouth. To seal her power over him, Casey snowballed Gabriel’s cum back into his mouth and ensured he swallowed it. The experience had left the coach drained, and when Casey covered his eyes with her panties he did not resist. Then while Gabriel was blindfolded, Casey took pictures of her coach with the dildo shoved up his ass. She would post them on Twitter and all social media platforms so the world could see the kind of pervert her coach really was. - Femdom TGP
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