Danica Dillon cuckolds and pegs her husband to make a sale

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Real estate agent Danica Dillon needed to make this sale to keep her business going. Her husband Les Moore met an important client Danica while she was out taking care of a personal matter. Danica’s stress levels were high, and her husband’s tiny dick, which could not satisfy her, aggravated her stress, so she went to fuck a young stud to clear her mind. When Danica met John Espizedo she could tell by the way he looked at her that he was interested not only in the property but in her body, as she was interested in his.

When Danica told him the price of the house, he suggested to move into the house to be more comfortable while bargaining. John suggested that Danica throw in a blowjob to sweeten the deal and she agreed. Danica loved sucking cock, and having a real man’s dick in he mouth would be a welcome change from having her husband’s pathetic limp noodle.

Les was not happy to hear that he would have to watch his wife suck and fuck another man in order to close the deal, but he didn’t have much of a choice. He depended on Danica’s income, so he shut up and watched his wife swallow another man’s hard meat. But Danica wasn’t done with her cuckolded husband. If she was going to suck cock to make the sale, Les should also pitch in. The cuckold’s objections went unheard and he had to swallow his pride, and John’s cock.

Danica couldn’t deny that she was enjoying watching her husband suck cock to make her money and had an idea. She fetched her strapon and used it to peg her husband while her lover fucked the cuckold’s mouth. Les had to endure one final humiliation: when John shot his load over Danica’s round ass, the cuckold had to lick it clean. Danica made the sale, and gave Les a handjob as his reward, but made him lick his own cum off her hands. After all, being the boss had its privileges.

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