Erika Vution submits Derek Holiday to strapon enslavement

White Slavery

It is said that money can’t buy love, but nobody says that it can also buy you a whole lot of trouble. Derek Holiday discovered this fact when he went cruising to pick-up a lady to have some fun. After getting lost, he found what he was looking for: a secluded street where working girls applied their trade. When Derek saw Erika Vution he knew his quest was over. Erika assessed the car as it approached her: clean and in good condition. When Derek asked her the price she told him it would be fifty dollars and he accepted it on the spot. This confirmed to Erika that Derek would be an easy mark and she prepared to squeeze him for as much money as he carried.

When they arrived at Derek’s house to conclude their deal, Erika was surprised to see he lived in a mansion. It was clear she had low-balled him and told Derek that under the circumstances she would have to adjust her quote to three hundred dollars instead of fifty. Derek tried to back out of the deal, but Erika told him that if he chose to do so she would be forced to call her pimp to enforce the sanctions that cancelling their deal carried, which in this case would mean beating Derek’s ass until it turned purple.

This prospect was not appealing to Derek at all, and he accepted Erika’s revised deal. Once inside the house Erika pulled out a black strapon out of the bag and told Derek to take off his clothes. The sight of the massive toy almost made him choke, he had expected to fuck Erika, not the other way around. She informed him that Derek had cruised the pegging street, and she only fucked men with her plastic cock. Once again, Derek sought to renegue on their deal but Erika would not hear it. Picking up her phone, she offered to call her posse and have them rearrange Derek’s bones for backing out.

Derek caved in once again, and when Erika ordered him to kneel and suck her dick he obeyed. Her smile grew wider as she shoved the strapon deeper into Derek’s mouth and saw his cheeks grow red. Erika sat on Derek’s face and allowed him to use his tongue on her pussy, which was a rare privilege. This gave Derek hope that things might turn around for him, but this hope vanished when Erika made him get on all fours. That was when Derek’s descent into white slavery truly started, with Erika chuckling and driving the strapon deep into his ass for the first of endless times to come. - Femdom TGP
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