Helena Locke punishes Lance Hart for his douche-baggery

Divine Bitches: Helena Locke Takes Down The Douchebag

Maid Helena Locke had had enough of Lance Hart’s entitled attitude. He fit the classic “rich asshole” stereotype perfectly. In one hand, he threw money around quite carelessly, which helped to Helena’s pockets filled. On the other hand, the size of his ego was monstrous, and acted like the world revolved around him. His constant comments while she worked cleaning the pool finally drove her over the edge, and it was time Lance learned the price of being a world-class douche-bag.

Helena put Lance in bondage and covered his face with a mask. She woke him up by spitting cold water into his face, and giggled when he jumped like a fish out of water. After taking her time to decide how to proceed, Helena made sure Lance realized that the rules of his life had changed: she was in charge and Lance’s duty was to obey her every order unquestioningly. To drive this point home Helena busted Lance’s balls, squeezing and kicking them while he was helplessly bound.

After this rough beginning, Helena used Lance as her sex slave, making him lick her pussy and riding his cock to the edge of orgasm but denying him release. This privilege comes at a cost. Helena puts on a black strapon and collects her price by face-fucking Lance until he’s gagging on her cock. His ass is Helena’s next target and she pegs Lance mercilessly until he shoots his load, which she scoops up and feeds back to him.

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