Jessica Ryan trains neglectful husband to be an obedient strapon bitch

Divine Bitches: Domestic Husband Training

Although he loved his wife, Tony Orlando wasn’t a very good husband. He constantly forgot their anniversary, her birthday, and did not do his best to please his wife in the bedroom. His wife was fed up with the situation, and hired Mistress Jessica Ryan to train Tony during her vacation. Soon Tony found himself on all fours on the kitchen floor, chained like the dog he was, and kneeling at Mistress Jessica Ryan’s feet while she smoked a cigarette and planned the destruction of Tony’s manhood.

Tony lays on the floor and serves as Jessica’s foot-stool, and once she finishes her cigarette, Tony’s education beings. Mistress Jessica orders Tony to drink from a puppy water dish, and flogs him while blindfolded. Once Tony’s ass-cheeks have been sensitized by Jessica’s flogger, she moves onto the second stage of Tony’s training.

Jessica ordered Tony to put on crotchless lace panties, a bra and latex hood. She laughed at the feminized Tony, and guided her strapon cock into his ass. Tony moaned as Jessica’s plastic cock widened his ass and mind to the possibilities of femdom servitude. He willingly sucked his own ass off Jessica’s strapon and her pegging gave him a mind-blowing orgasm as he shot his load over himself.

Tony’s mind was now under Jessica’s control and he followed her to the bathroom where she took a leisurely bath and ordered Tony to lick her feet. After her feet, Jessica’s ass followed and Tony licked it with blind devotion. As reward for his obedience, Jessica allowed Tony to lick her pussy, and her grip over his mind strengthened once he tasted her. - Femdom TGP
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