Nineteen-year old Lilly Kingston tries out pegging with Vin Deacon

Lilly Kingston is a fit nineteen-year old California native that is eager to try pegging for the first time. With her blonde hair and pigtails, Lilly can pass for a football cheerleader, and Vin Deacon is smitten at first sight. Lilly flexes her muscles and Vin kisses her arms, and soon finds himself being smothered between Lilly’s smooth thighs while she sucks his cock.

After Lilly has had enough fun grinding her pussy into Vin’s face, she puts on her strapon cock and watches Vin kneel down to suck it. Her eyes shine brightly as Vin slurps and swallows Lilly’s plastic cock as deep as he can, and she rewards his dedication by finger-fucking Vin’s asshole with her gloved hands. His moans grow increasingly loud when Lilly increases the depth and speed of her handiwork, and once Vin’s ass is nicely warmed up, she slips her strapon into the eager Vin. - Femdom TGP
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