Lily Lane brings chastity-locked servant Jay Wimp out his cage for forced bi and pegging fun

Mistress Lily Lane and her lover Ruckus laugh at their caged house-pet Jay Wimp, wondering if he should be allowed out. Bored and restless, Mistress Lane teases Jay through the bars of his cage with her lovely tits, and frees him for an evening of femdom fun. Locked in his chastity cage, Jay crawls on his hands and knees while Lily fetches a thick rubber butt-plug tail and leash to turn him into a femdom puppy.

Jay obeys Mistress Lane’s commands, keeping still while Ruckus rests his boots on Jay’s back and Lily paddles the naked slave. Mistress Lane tests Jay’s disciple by caning his thighs as Ruckus holds a chain leash attached to Jay’s chastity cage. To reward Jay’s endurance, Lily puts on a strapon and pegs him doggy-style while Ruckus fucks the slave’s mouth. Lily’s laughs echoe from the walls as her hips drive her plastic cock deep into the chastity-locked submissive.

Lily’s lust is awakened by Jay’s humiliation, and she satisfies her needs with Ruckus’ cock, making Jay lay underneath her as her lover’s hard dick penetrates her pussy. Jay’s chastity ensures his cock stays flaccid because any excitement will result in agony. The cuckolded slave watches in silence as Mistress Lane sucks Ruckus’ cock, a privilege Jay will never know, and the only way the submissive can taste his mistress is when Lily orders Jay to lick Ruckus’ cock when it slides out her pussy. - Femdom TGP
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