Melody Jordan uses a strapon and her lover to humiliate her cuckold husband

Bullied Bi Cuckolds 32

Tired with her husband Manolo’s tiny dick and his inability to satisfy her, Melody Jordan found well-hung studs that could. This arrangement suited Melody fine, but the cuckold wasn’t as happy as she was. Manolo tried to stop Melody when she brought her latest booty-call home, but she would not hear it. After all, it was her husband’s failure that had driven Melody to this extreme, and to make her point Melody ordered the cuckold to get naked and compared the cuckold’s puny cock to her lover’s thick dick.

Faced with such obvious evidence, Manolo had to swallow his pride and watch his wife fuck another man in their own marital bed. But pride wasn’t the only thing Manolo would be swallowing since Melody wasn’t done humiliating her cuckold husband just yet. If Manolo wanted to taste his wife’s pussy so badly he could: by sucking her lover’s cock. The cuckold had no choice but to accept Melody’s bargain and obeyed his red-headed wife.

Watching her husband suck cock excited Melody and gave her an idea. She put on her strapon and ordered Manolo to suck it as well, making the cuckold fit both her plastic cock and her lover’s in the cuckold’s mouth at the same time. Not content with this, Melody pegged her husband while her lover laughed. - Femdom TGP
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