Olivia Alize pegs her feminized husband with the help of her lover

The Taming Of The Cuckold

Being married to Olivia Alize had been a journey full of discoveries for husband Jimmy Broadway. He had learned that his penis could never satisfy Olivia’s needs, and that to get the job done she would bring men over and have them fuck her. Not only that, she would make Jimmy watch since marriage meant sharing everything, including his cuckolding, between husband and wife.

Olivia pushed Jimmy’s boundaries by feminizing him: putting make-up on him and buying cheap lingerie and a wig for him to wear. Jimmy accepted this treatment because he knew that it was his failure to satisfy Olivia which was the cause. Once Jimmy had been feminized, Olivia brought over the latest of her conquests for a new chapter in Jimmy’s life: he would become Olivia’s pegging bitch.

But pegging was only the beginning. Olivia ordered Jimmy to suck her lover’s cock while she used the strapon on Jimmy’s ass. The cuckold found himself being spit-roasted between his wife’s plastic cock and her lover’s dick, which caused the adulterers to laugh and high-five each other.

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