Paul Belonek experiences pegging domination with his girlfriend


After a long afternoon of sight-seeing, Paul Belonek went back to the hotel when his girlfriend went to do some errands. Paul was feeling a bit horny, and used his tablet to find some porn. He stumbled upon a gay video, and watching the fit studs suck each other’s cocks excited him in a strange way. He loved his girlfriend, but he couldn’t stop himself from stroking his cock. That’s when his girlfriend came back and caught Paul red-handed.

She was angry at Paul for hiding these desires from her, and if he wanted to experience anal sex, she could help him with it. Paul was surprised when his girlfriend started sucking his cock, and when she slipped her fingers into his ass his eyes rolled back with the pleasure he felt.

After putting on a strapon, Paul’s girlfriend gave him his first taste of pegging as her hips drove her plastic cock doggy-style into her boyfriend. Paul closed his eyes tight, trying to control himself when she stroked his cock and pegged him at the same time. - Femdom TGP
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