Soma Snakeoil pegs her husband while explaining her plans to transform him into a cuckold bitch

Soma's Cuckold Bitch

Jimmy Broadway worked himself to the bone to provide for wife Soma Snakeoil the best in life, but there was one thing he couldn’t give her: sexual satisfaction. His tiny cock simply was not up to the task, and Soma’s frustration grew until it threatened to destroy their marriage. But she found a simple solution: Soma would bring big-dicked studs to fuck and do the job that her husband couldn’t, and she made Jimmy watch.

Jimmy came home after being fired from his job, and found his wife with her friend, who for some reason was shirtless. When Soma heard that Jimmy was now unemployed, she was furious. Soma explained to Jimmy that she had been fucking her friend while Jimmy had been at work. Since now Jimmy was jobless, he might as well see with his own eyes what had been happening behind his back.

Soma wasn’t done destroying Jimmy’s self-identity just yet. She put on a strapon and ordered her husband to spread his legs. Jimmy did not dare to disobey Soma, and discovered his new role in their relationship was to change dramatically. She pegged Jimmy with her plastic cock, and described in brutal detail how Jimmy would now learn how to suck men’s cocks and watch Soma have fun with them. - Femdom TGP
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